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Inspired Soups / September 2019

  1. Closed - Enjoy Your Sunday!
  2. Closed - Happy Memorial Day!
  3. Creamy Asparagus with Basil, Creme Fraiche & Brioche Croutons
  4. Sicilian Style Minestrone with Meatballs & Orzo
  5. Caprese Tomato with Fresh Basil, Balsamic & Mozzarella
  6. Chicken Marsala Cream with Fregola & Roasted Portobello Mushrooms
  7. Chicken with Spring Vegetables
  8. Closed - Enjoy Your Sunday
  9. Chef's Whim
  10. Sweet Potato Chipotle Apple Bisque with Spiced Pecans
  11. Greek Lemon Chicken
  12. Orange Ginger Chicken with Crispy Wontons
  13. Wild Mushroom Bisque with Black Rice & Truffle Croutons
  14. Scottish Brown with Caraway, Parnips & Carrots
  15. Closed - Enjoy Your Sunday!
  16. Chef's Whim
  17. Creamy Potato with Corn & Hickory Smoked Bacon
  18. Mulligatawny with Toasted Coconut
  19. BBQ Pork with Black Eyed Peas
  20. Austrian Cream Cheese with Leeks & Ham
  21. Butternut Squash Bisque with Spiced Pecans
  22. Closed - Enjoy Your Sunday!
  23. Cuban Black Bean with Lime Cilantro Crema
  24. Chicken with Cranberries, Almonds & Toasted Israeli Couscous
  25. Swiss Potato & Cauliflower
  26. Hungarian Style Ground Beef Goulash with Sour Cream Garnish
  27. Chicken Pot Pie with Crumbled Pie Crust
  28. Italian Wedding Soup with Meatballs, Spinach & Fregola
  29. Closed - Enjoy Your Sunday!
  30. Bier-Kase Suppe (Beer Cheese Soup with Garlic Sausage)

Please note that our soup calendar is posted in advance and is subject to change. Please call us at 231.733.1056 with any questions. In addition to our amazing soup features, we also offer daily our famous Gratineed French Onion Soup, "Magical" Cheese soup, and a soup of the Chef's whim.